Hydro colonic lavage bowel preparation “hydro prep” began as a solution for patients who could not undergo colonoscopy due to the inability to tolerate traditional bowel preparations. The solution was so simple, and yet so profound. With the overwhelming success of the initial program, Colon Hydro Prep Solutions (CHPS) has become a non profit organization as a d/b/a of Osana Health Innovations Foundation, with a goal to reduce the incidence of colon cancer by introducing public awareness and education, with nursing practices, for hydro prep.

Your donation helps us to continue our research and campaign to educate patients and medical faculty on the benefits of hydro prep, maintain our continuing education program for nurses, and get people in for their screening colonoscopy that otherwise may not be seen.

“I get a colonoscopy yearly and found the large volume prep both physically and mentally stressful. Not anymore with the hydro prep.”

Mary S. Waskiewicz

“Devastated when my colonoscopy prep failed and I’d have to return, they immediately administered the hydro prep, completed the exam, and removed seven polyps that same day.”

Michael McGuire

When I found out that this procedure of the hydro prep is only performed at Barton Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, I (traveled and) chose the procedure over the savings. I am so glad I did! I hope more hospitals will open the opportunity of the hydro prep to their patients.”

Laurie Spaulding