Preparing for your Colonoscopy

Thank you for visiting the patient information page. Your colonoscopy experience is a collaboration between you and your medical facility. You are a team. Begin by looking over instructions and pre-planning for needs at least four days in advance to make sure your experience goes as easeful as possible.

One fact in Gastroenterology is that 20-25% of bowel preparations for colonoscopy are inadequate. Reasons for this are variable, with both prep intolerance and difficult colons as factors. Hydro prep addresses both of these factors, but every bowel preparation option requires your personal responsibility as a team member in making this exam successful the first time around.



 Know yourself and bowel habits. Your gastroenterologist needs to be able to see your colon absolutely cleaned out with clear pink walls- which isn’t always an easy job. If you have any history of constipation or have a diagnosis of severe diverticulosis, you may ask your doctor about taking MiraLax at night for two days in advance. You can also debulk your diet by cutting down on portions three days in advance prior to your colonoscopy. Always consult with your physician before making these advances.


The 3 Day Colonoscopy Diet is a guideline to debulk your diet, decrease mucous forming foods, and staying hydrated. The handout has many food and beverage options to help with your success.

At CHPS, we suggest that the 3 Day Colonoscopy Diet should be followed no matter what bowel preparation you choose.

The Patient information sheet will give you an overview of what to expect with hydro colonic lavage bowel preparation.

Hydro Prep Instruction sheets will outline your day prior to coming in for your scheduled colonoscopy exam.