Lavage Bowel Preparation Method demonstrates Safety, Efficacy and Tolerability for Pre-Colonoscopy Cleansing

Comparative Study of Three Bowel Preps
Danbury Hospital, Danbury CT, 2006

Presented at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting 2006

Danbury, CT, Abstract Number: 751814
Primary Author: Joseph Fiorito
Department/Institute: Gastroenterology, Danbury Hospital



The Danbury 2006 Study comparing three bowel preps for colonoscopy:  Phosphasoda, GoLytely, and hydrotherapy (colon lavage method).  Patients were randomly assigned to receive 4 L PEG-ES, two doses of aqueous sodium phosphate, or, same day hydrotherapy as bowel preparation. The endoscopists were blinded to the method of preparation. Cancer term Colon HydroPrep Solutions

The overall quality of the colon cleansing was evaluated with respect to the adequacy of visualization of the right, transverse, and left colon. Patients were asked to rate the preparation with respect to ease, convenience, and comfort using structured, validated questionnaire. Results were analyzed using the chi square test. Conclusion:  The quality of colon cleansing, overall tolerance, comfort, and convenience were significantly better for hydrotherapy.  ASP was better than PEG-ES for the same parameters.  View the study results here – Comparative Study of Three Bowel Preps.

In 2011, Danbury Hospital completed a follow-up study for a retrospective period of 4.5 years that concluded colon lavage continued to be a quality prep.

Patient Satisfaction
HydroPREP Case Study:  South Lake Tahoe
EndoNurse: June-July 2012; Vol 12, No. 3

At Barton Memorial Hospital (BMH) in South Lake Tahoe, the demand for a new prep option arose from patients who could not tolerate the high-volume preps. According to the 2011 BMH Patient Satisfaction Survey (57% female, 43% male), 65% of survey respondents chose the hydro prep as a first time colonoscopy patient.  Sixty-six percent of survey respondents said they chose BMH for colonoscopy because the hydro prep was offered. Barton also noted an increase in hydro prep patients scheduling from out of the area. View the survey results here – Patient Satisfaction Survey Results BMH 2011.

Many of the remaining patients presenting for the hydro prep came from the classic group of people dreading and postponing their follow-up colonoscopies, even if they had positive history. Several of these patients did, in fact, have pre-cancerous polyps at the time of their follow-up colonoscopy with the hydro prep that otherwise would not have been seen.  Read the hydro prep article published in EndoNurse.

Lavage Bowel Preparation Method Safety:  No Shift in Electrolytes
Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT 2011, Barbara Comstock, RN CGRN

To evaluate if (regulated) colon(ic) hydrotherapy (lavage method) causes a shift in serum electrolytes, thirty patients had blood drawn immediately before and immediately after lavage method was administered.  Eight electrolytes – sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urine nitrogen, creatinine, glucose and calcium – were analyzed in the lab.  No significant change in electrolytes were observed.

Lavage Bowel Preparation Method for Colonoscopy
Researchgate 2016, Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3664.4888

Literature review and clinical perspective of lavage bowel preparation method for precolonoscopy cleansing in the US.

View article here- LBP for Colonoscopy