On-Site Assistance for Hospitals and Endoscopy Centers

Colon HydroPrep Solutions is available to help implement HydroPREP to your practice with on-site assistance. We can help you with facility integration, department procurement, supervise performance evaluations, offer valuable expert advice and answer questions. Call us with for a free consultation to assess your facility’s individual needs.

On-site Facility Integration includes business collaboration and planning with bureaucracy for interdepartmental needs; goal setting for seamless department interface with timeline and ROI. Facility integration also includes direction in choosing the right equipment and supplies, with on-site development of the HydroPrep room. Guidance in admission, discharge and billing, marketing and patient education materials provided.

On-site Department Procurement will integrate CHPS department operational model using HydroPrep policies, standards, and outcomes measures. Expert department analysis will development the best work flow scenario optimizing safety, efficiency, and budget.  Your GI department will offer clinical excellence on day one of “go-live” and give your patients a healthy prep option immediately.

Susan’s on-site expertise can be available to answer questions and offer guidance. Hands-on HydroPREP lavage method demonstrations and competencies with Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN can make your transition to “go-live” a smooth one. The online RN Training methods include online modules, video demonstrations, workbooks and post tests. Policy and education materials are provided.  AIDET is integrated to ensure consistent, superior care. Continuing Education available and CHPS Certification of Training awarded.

On-Site Facility Integration, Department Procurement, & RN Training

Easy Installation into Existing Procedure Room

Colon HydroPREP Solutions uses the compact Prime Pacific Health Innovations’ Aquanet APS-100 equipment that gently cleanses the large intestine with purified water.

The procedure is administered by a trained Registered Nurse for effectiveness, comfort, and most importantly, safety, while maintaining the dignity of the patient.  Plumbed directly into the facility waste management system, the compact size equipment fits easily into an existing procedure  room. 


  • Completely closed, FDA-cleared colonic irrigation system, along with single-use disposable speculum, water and waste line tubing.
  • 3-stage water purification system – Sediment, Carbon and Ultraviolet Sterilization – removes particulate matter, chlorine, and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Filter change indicator included.
  • All parts in contact with patient are disposable and non-toxic, latex free, made from DEHP and BPA free materials.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism for quick turn over.
  • Portable equipment option available.
96% of patients would choose HydroPREP for their future colonoscopy according to the ACG 2006 Comparative Study of Three Bowel Preps.