HydroPrep lavage bowel preparation (LBP) began as a solution for patients who could not undergo colonoscopy due to the inability to tolerate traditional bowel preparations. The solution was so simple, and yet so profound. With the overwhelming success of the initial program, Colon HydroPrep Solutions (CHPS) has become a non profit organization with a goal to reduce the incidence of colon cancer by introducing nursing standards to LBP, a more tolerable approach for bowel cleansing, and bring this service to gastroenterology. Your donation helps us to continue our research and campaign to educate patients and medical faculty on the benefits of HydroPrep, maintain our continuing education program for nurses, and help assist facilities with onsite installation.


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HydroPrep was designed with the prep intolerant patient in mind, but has also shown to be helpful for bariatric patients, elderly, immobility for any reason, previous failed prep, and patients who undergo frequent screening colonoscopy such as with IBD, family history, and patients with previous colon cancer. The unanticipated surprise is that a great number of patients choose HydroPrep because it is a healthier, more tolerable option, when patients are faced with a colonoscopy for the first time.

“I get a colonoscopy yearly and found the large volume prep both physically and mentally stressful. Not anymore with the HydroPrep.” Mary S. Waskiewicz

“Devastated when my colonoscopy prep failed and I’d have to return, they immediately administered HydroPrep, completed the exam, and removed seven polyps that same day.”Michael McGuire



When I found out that this procedure of HydroPrep is only performed at Barton Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, I chose the procedure over the savings. I am so glad I did! I hope more hospitals will open the opportunity of HydroPrep to their patients.”  Laurie Spaulding


CHPS has discounted online education for nurses to learn and apply HydroPrep method onsite at their medical facility. Free patient education and information templates for medical professionals. Free off site consultation for nurses and medical facilities acquiring this service.

Nurse educators are provided for onsite acquisition and assistance for successful program start up for facilities requesting this option.


Education for patients and nurses can be accessed through our Nursing Continuing Education website

CHPS provides professional keynote speakers for lavage bowel preparation at medical conferences, the latest being 2017 SCSGNA conference in San Diego.


Clinical articles have been published and are available for review.

Research collaboration is currently underway with initial study design for clinical trials on the table.


Establishing colonic lavage as a tool in medicine for bowel cleansing can open up new approaches to patient care for future indications such as chemotherapy or opiod-induced constipation.


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