What Patients (and Doctors and Nurses) are Saying

“Thank you for the hydro prep procedure done prior to my colonoscopy. It is usually an extremely high anxiety procedure for me due to the prep of drinking a gallon of the Go-Lytely. It causes me to throw up, cry and stress out to a degree that no one should have to do. The hydro prep was gentle, easy and comfortable. I do not have insurance. I was told by Dr. Norman’s office that the whole procedure could be upwards of $3,000.00 or more, but I could go to Carson City and pay half as much.

When I found out that this procedure of  hydro prep is only performed at Barton Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, I (traveled and) chose the procedure over the savings. I am so glad I did! I hope more hospitals will open the opportunity of hydro prep to their patients.”  Laurie Spaulding

“Devastated when my colonoscopy prep failed and I’d have to return, they immediately administered hydro prep, completed the exam, and removed seven polyps that same day.” Michael McGuire

“The ‘day before’ prep was so much easier and didn’t make me sick. The hydro prep was a comfortable, private experience and not embarrassing.” C.S., RN 

“I am impressed with the ease and quality the hydro prep provides my patients. They are uniformly more pleased, more hydrated, and more relaxed compared to patients who choose other preps.” Dan Norman, MD FACP FACG

“All Hydro patients that come through the GI lab love it. It’s an overall, healthier experience.” Tracy Rosa, RN

“I get a colonoscopy yearly and found the large volume prep both physically and mentally stressful. Not anymore with the hydro prep.” Mary S. Waskiewicz

“The exercising action of the lavage warmed up my colon preparing me to comfortably undergo the colonoscopy without the use of supplemental sedation. This allowed me to resume normal activity immediately and not waste the day in a sedation fog.” Greg Bergner, MD 

“The hydro prep was easy to do and the overall experience was positive. I would choose it again.”  Steven Brooks, MD

“With the hydration, a good night’s sleep, and overall good experience of the hydro prep, I was able to do the colonoscopy without sedation and carry on with my day.”  Randy Watson, MD 

“My experience with hydro prep was surprisingly easy and comfortable. This is now my preferred method of bowel prep for colonoscopy.” Jane T, RN